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Regardless of your organisational type or size, We offer flexible and simplified solutions with end-to-end support. Whether its a full ranged outsourced Hr and payroll outsourcing services or dedicated support, audit in a specific area of need, you can be sure we adopt industry best practices while maintaining high levels of confidentiality.

Experience meets Platform

Our award winning platform and pro-business terms are hard to beat.

Pro-business terms

No Lock-in Period

Transparent Pricing

Easy to Add or Remove


Outsourced or Self-managed

Single HRIS Platform

Flexible & Simplified Solution

No system


Secure Hosting

Professionally Maintained

Fully Backed-up

How it works

Start your journey in three simple steps:

Setup and Scope

Our experienced consultant will meet up with your internal HR team to identity and scope up your requirements, needs and workflows.

We will set up the HRIS i.a.w your policies and other statutory requirements, followed by data migration (if any). 


We then conduct parallel run(s) to ensure a smooth transition to the new HRIS. We provide gap analyses to verify your requirements, while highlighting any discrepancies or non-conformities.

Go Live

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will follow up on all future coordination. You will also get access to our support via our email.

Areas of support

Monthly / Bi-monthly Payroll Processing

Bonus and ad-hoc payments

Monthly New Hires and/or Resignees Changes

Provision of Itemised Pay Slips

Statutory and Contributions Submission

Year-end Taxation Reporting

Bank File Preparation for Interbank Payment

IR21 Processing and Submission

Companies in Singapore and the region are moving towards HR and payroll outsourcing Services. HR professionals have realized that their focus on administrative activities impinged on their ability to deliver high value services. As organizations’ needs become more complex and demanding, outsourcing of administrative activities enables in-house HR teams to focus on strategic and higher value activities.

The payroll function is commonly identified as one of the function ideal to be outsourced. It is a labour intensive, time-demanding and repetitive task. At Liberte Consulting, we specializes in Payroll Audit, Payroll & HR Process Improvements and Payroll Compliance. We believe that partnering with the best technology and having the right processes in place we can help our clients to streamline their administrative processes. You can trust that we have the most up to date payroll services in Singapore.

Why Choose Liberte Consulting For Payroll Outsourcing?

1. No fixed overheads

You do not need to invest in or maintain any HRIS platform. We bundle the latest solution with our services to assist you to streamline and power up your productivity. Our solution is user friendly and any latest enhancements will be deployed to you.

2. No fixed commitments. Engage our services in accordance to your business growth

There is no fixed overhead or commitments. You can subscribe additional services as your needs grow and you can decide to trim down the services subscribed if you have sufficient in-house resources. You have maximum agility to move in tandem with your Organization changes.

3. Instant access to expertise

You have immediate access to expertise, HR trends, information and updates – This reduces downtime and avoid straining your in-house resource.

4. Reliability. Experience. Outstanding Service

We are committed to deliver and grow with you. Our team members all come with at least 10 years of experience in the HR and Payroll Outsourcing Singapore based industry. We handpick our best team members to work with you in order to provide the best payroll outsourcing services.

Pros of Payroll Outsourcing

1. Enhanced Confidentiality

Payroll information is sensitive within an internal environment as comparisons are inevitable. On the other hand, have no vested interest in the payroll data. As such, you can enhance your payroll confidentiality internally.

2. Access to Expertise

You will not need to train new hires on your payroll function. The Payroll outsourcing services provider will have the ready expertise to manage your  payroll processing. You will only need to provide the policy, direction and perform final verification. 

3. Non-Reliance

Typically in an organization, the payroll function is managed by one staff. This means that in the event where the staff needs to be on leave (maternity, urgent leave etc), the payroll function will be left at risk. Other team members will have to cover the duties, which will distract their energy and attention on their primary role.

4. Improved Processes

Outsourcing will create cost transparency and hence, organizations will be compelled to examine wastage or
process inefficiencies.

5. Reduced Expenditures in Capital Investments

You will not be required to invest in payroll software or bear maintenance and software upgrade costs. 

6. Scalability

As most outsource providers provides pricing plans to meet various business sizes, you can be assured of resource availability should your headcount increases and in the event of a downturn, you will not be saddled with unnecessary overheads. For businesses with seasonal demands, outsourcing supports the change in demands.

7. Access to Information Updates

Increasing complexity in tax requirements and payroll in Singapore require constant updates. Your Payroll auditer will ensure that you have access to such updates and this eliminates your time and energy in keeping abreast of such changes.

8. Cost Savings

Most organisations will achieve long term cost savings if the costs are measured in complete perspective. ie: cost comparisons are not made on a limited scope of staff salary but evaluated on a total cost of ownership which includes technology, office space, training, recruitment, salary, benefits, replacement costs etc.

9. Focused Resources

Payroll is a labour intensive function and hence implementing payroll outsourcing Singapore located, ensures that your internal team’s  energy and attention is better focused on value-added  activities.

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