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The Employment Act in Singapore Simplified. What Employers Need to Know.

WHAT IS THE EMPLOYMENT ACT? The Employment Act is Singapore’s main labour law. It provides for the basic terms and working conditions for employees through core provisions and Part IV provisions that provide additional protection. WHAT DOES THE EMPLOYMENT ACT MEAN FOR ME AS AN EMPLOYER? The Employment Act provides a starting point for employers to ensure their existing employment contracts operate within the boundaries of these standards. In addition, the Employment Act renders illegal any term in an employment contract that is less favourable than that provided for under the Employment Act. WHO IS THE EMPLOYMENT ACT APPLICABLE TO? All employees under a contract of service with an employer a

Retrenchment in Singapore

Amid the current economic uncertainty fuelled by Covid-19, unemployment and retrenchment in Singapore continued to rise. According to Ministry of Manpower (MOM), retrenchment rose by 108% to 6,700 between April and June, compared with 3,220 in the first quarter of 2020. The softness in the labour market is likely to persist with continued weakness in hiring and pressure on companies to retrench. When retrenchment become the last resort, employer has to ensure fairness in retrenchment packages and process retrenchment fairly and with dignity. We have prepared a list of FAQs for employer to note when retrenchment becomes inevitable. What constitutes a retrenchment? Retrenchment is the terminat

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