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Total Rewards Strategy

Are you motivating your team with the right incentives? We help implement a rewards system based on monetary, beneficial and developmental rewards to employees who achieve certain business goals.

Job Evaluation Framework

Avoid "buyers remorse" when it comes to new hires. We help analyse and develop relevant job descriptions specific to your company's organisational structure and size so you can attract the right talent.

Compensation & Benefits

No one likes to be overlooked, especially when it comes to payouts. Implement a competitive, equitable and fair reward system to help attract, retain and motivate your workforce.

Salary Benchmarking

Are you paying your staff their market rate? How competitive is your salary scale compared to other companies? Are you doing all you can to attract and retain staff? We review and recommend necessary salary adjustments to keep staff happy.

Employee Handbook

Give new hires a soft landing with a clear employee handbook that outlines your company's goals and values aligned with existing policies and employment regulations.

Payroll Compliance Audit

Stay on top of labour laws and out of the courtroom. Liberte helps you review current and past payroll records while highlighting discrepencies and adjusting them so you stay compliant.


Based in Singapore, Liberte Consulting is a boutique HR outsourcing agency that offers practical and tailored solutions to suit our client’s strategic and operational HR goals. With a committed and experienced team from start to end, you can be assured of business continuity.

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