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Support on HR operational matters

• Employee Life Cycle Administration
• Payroll Automation
• Leave & Claims
• Attendance Management
• Performance & Training Management
• Work Pass Administration



Focus on the big picture

• Total Rewards Strategy
• Job Evaluation Framework
• Compensation & Benefits
• Salary Benchmarking
• Employee Handbook
• Payroll Compliance Audit


What We Do

Here at Liberte Consulting, we offer a multitude of HR Consultancy services to help you launch your business ahead of your competitors. We offer a series of human resource consulting services that is not limited to, implementing a rewards system to help boost your company’s morale and motivation, to reviewing your current and past payroll records while recording and highlighting discrepancies and adjusting them so your business stays compliant. We offer these services that might often be overlooked by companies but they are highly important and crucial to businesses who’d like to stay successful in the long run.

By engaging in our services, we will leave you with a peace of mind to focus on the value-adding matters, propelling you to stay ahead of other businesses.


The people-platform all in one place, whether at home or in the office.


Access to Expertise

Skip training time for new hires. Simply provide the payroll policy, direction and final verification.

Improved Processes

Enjoy cost transparencies by examining wastage or process inefficiencies.


Payroll data is sensitive. Keep it confidential by outsourcing with a neutral third party.

Stay Updated

Enjoy access to updates in Singapore's changing tax and regulatory landscape


Don't get saddled with unnecessary overheads during economic downturns or  seasonal demands.


Payroll is a labour intensive function. Outsourcing ensures your internal teams  focus on value-added activities.


Valerie chee

Partner, Director

A seasoned hand in the HR industry, Valerie's experience across various sectors and business sizes puts her in a strategic place to guide you in your HR challenges.

LYNN yap

Partner, Director

Lynn is in charge of all operations. Whether it's a payroll integration or complex HRIS implementation, Lynn's clarity and experience will ensure your migration is effortless.

How We Can Help

We offer to help relook into your company’s Total Rewards Strategy where you can motivate your employees with the right incentives, resulting in higher morale and motivation to strive for your company’s goals and values.

By establishing a proper Job Evaluation Framework, your business can avoid buyer’s remorse when it comes to new hires. By attracting the right talent into your company, you will be able to minimise losses.

Be ensuring that your company’s compensation and benefits system rewards your workforce when necessary, it is important to implement a competitive yet fair reward system to help attract, motivate your workforce.

One of the motivational factors is their salary. Are you paying your workforce the right amount? How competitive is your salary scale? This is where we can step in and help to review and recommend the necessary salary adjustments to keep and motivate your workforce.

As your company grows, your workforce increases in size as well. A proper onboarding system can help outline your company’s goals and values while letting new hires know the existing policies and employment regulations. This is where an employee handbook comes in handy. We can help by establishing these important and useful points to your workforce.


We're flexible and offer customised solutions

Scale up or down with us with our flexible and customisable services. Choose a bundle, or go ala carte. Engage us either on a per project or contract basis. Need a customised payroll integration or complex system integrations? We're happy to discuss your specific needs.

Innovating is embedded
in our DNA

Whether it's new technologies, or adapting to changing working patterns, we move with the times. Whether it's harnessing the gig economy or adapting to increasing mobile-responsiveness, we've got our ears to the ground, and our hands on our heart.

Putting the heart
back in HR

Our client relationships run deep - oftentimes, seeing business owners through market ups and downs. It is through this commitment that tough questions and frank discussions can happen so that HR challenges get resolved. Let's talk.


"You will find no better solution when looking for a HR service provider that will give you peace of mind"

Jean Yeoh, Head of Group Human Resources

My team and I are pleased with our partnership with Lynn and Lissy. We have worked with Lynn and Liberte’s team since 2017. I am impressed with their knowledge base, professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile in our transition. Additionally, they are responsive problem solvers at any time and are willing to share and provide advice on HR related matters pertaining to legislation and compliance. My team and I are happy with the unwavering support received thus far. You will find no better solution when looking for a HR service provider that will give you peace of mind knowing that you are taken care of. We value greatly the relationship and would recommend Liberte Consulting Pte Ltd to any business or organization.

It’s been a great experience working with Liberte. They are very supportive and showed professionalism and quick support.

Alice Tan – Director
Motorway Group of Companies

Liberte is a great company to fulfill your HR needs. They are very knowledgeable, professional and responsive. We truly enjoyed working with them.

Toh Ting Feng –Executive Director
Lion City Rentals Pte Ltd

latest NEWS


Winning isn't everything, but it does make one feel appreciated! Liberte received two accolades at the 2020 HR Vendor of the year awards. They are:
Gold: Best HR Outsourcing Partner
Silver: Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner

How our Services Benefit You

By engaging with us as your HR Consultant, your business and team’s energy and attention can now be targeted towards value-adding activities to help further the company’s growth. Our consultancy services can help to build a stronger foundation for your business to grow and flourish on. An unstable business foundation can cause more problems in the long run and it is best to nip these issues in the bud before they fester.

As a HR consultancy in Singapore, we are skilled and knowledgeable in all legal matters and we can advise you as your further your company’s growth here in our sunny island, while you remain compliant.


Based in Singapore, Liberte Consulting is a boutique HR outsourcing agency that offers practical and tailored solutions to suit our client’s strategic and operational HR goals. With a committed and experienced team from start to end, you can be assured of business continuity.

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